In this guide I'm going to show you how you can get started with Upcado and Messenger marketing.

You can think of Upcado like Mailchimp but for Messenger marketing.

Messenger and other chat apps are very popular among the Millenial generation, if your marketing includes the Millenial demographic, Upcado and Messenger marketing is something you should take a serious look at.

Before we get started: Make sure that you have a Facebook page that you have administrator access to so that you can connect a bot to it. If you don't have a Facebook page you can create one here.

There are a few of things that you need to take care of after you've signed up for Upcado:

  1. Create a bot and connect it to your Facebook page.
  2. Create a list (so you can gather subscribers).
  3. Create & embed the Upcado opt-in widget.
  4. Send a campaign with Upcado.

In this guide we are going to be using a Facebook page that I created to show you how Upcado works and how you can benefit from it. You can view the demo Facebook page at any time

Now that's out of the way, let's get started!

  1. Creating a bot and connecting it to your Facebook page

When you've signed up you'll see a screen like this:

Click the 'Connect a Facebook page' button to continue.

You will then have to go through a few simple steps to configure your bot.


You have just set up your first bot. Now there are a few more things that need to get done before you can launch it.

Once you have set up your bot you'll see your bot's homescreen:

The homescreen gives you an overview of the status and the activity of your bot. You can go right ahead and click the 'Connect your page' button to connect your bot.

Once you have connected your page it will look like this in Messenger:

This is how a Facebook page looks like in Messenger once it has been connected.

When people click the 'Get started' button they will see your opening message.

The opening message and the persistent menu inside Messenger.

Next we need to configure our opening message and persistent menu.

The opening message is the first message your customers get after clicking the 'Get started' button in Messenger.

The persistent menu is the menu that is available inside a Messenger chatbot after users have clicked the 'Get started' button.

If you look at the image above you can see both the opening message and the persistent menu.

You can configure your persistent menu and your opening message with Upcado, head over to the customize route (in the left navigation bar) and you will see this screen:

You can click the menu items to edit the persistent menu.

To configure the opening message, head over to the opening message route in the navigation bar and you will see this screen:

With this editor you can create chat flows to engage your users, this can be used to educate users, make offers and more.

2.  Create a list (so you can gather subscribers)

Head over to the Lists route and click the 'New list' button. You'll see a modal like the one on the screenshot below:

Here we are creating a newsletter list, we are going to gather subscribers by embedding a widget on our website.

Here we are creating a newsletter list, you will get a special link that you can use to sign users up to the list.

The link is of the form:[refparam]

If you take a look at the picture above you see that you can customise the referral parameter to your liking.

Once you've created the list you'll see this screen.

You can customise the message your users receive when they opt-in to the list.

The picture above shows the message people receive once they have opted-in to your list, you can customise it like you want.

People can opt-in to your list by opening the link, you can also connect a opt-in widget to gather subscribers(see nr. 3).

This is just a basic example of how you can use the list feature. You can create a list for all kinds of purposes, for example you could create a list to gather subscribers for a giveaway, a list to get people to sign up and they get an e-book in return etc.

The ways you can use this feature is only limited by your imagination!

3. Create & embed the Upcado opt-in widget

To create a widget navigate to the Widgets route and click the 'New widget' button. You will see this modal:

Once you have created your widget you will be redirected to the Widget builder:

With the widget builder you can tailor your opt-in widget to your marketing campaign.

Upcado will automatically track the number of impressions of your opt-in and the conversion rate.

Here is an example of how the widget looks like once it has been embedded on a website:

If you take a look at the right side of the widget builder screen you will see an area where you can customise your opt-in widget:

You can change the color, text, type of widget, etc.

Once you are happy with the way you opt-in widget looks, you can go on to the next tab:

You can change the color and text of the submitted state.

The submitted state tab enables you to customise the look and feel of the opt-in once the user has opted in.

In the Lists tab you select the list that you want your users to be assigned to when they click the opt-in button of your widget.

To activate your widget don't forget to click the Draft/Active checkbox and hit the save button:

Now you just need to press the 'Get Code' button and copy the code to your website.

You must whitelist the domain where you want the widget to appear.

It's important to whitelist your domain so that the widget can be displayed properly.

Once you have copied this code snippet to your website your widget will appear!

Now you can copy the code and embed it on your website!

4. Send a campaign with Upcado

Once you've gathered a few subscribers you can send targeted campaigns to your audience. To do this, navigate to the Campaigns route via the side-bar and click the 'New campaign' button.

You will be presented with this modal:

You can schedule a campaign to send at a later date.

You can choose to send the campaign now, or schedule it for later. Once you have that figured out you will see this screen:

Here you can customise the message you want to send, you can add images, text and gallery card to your message.

When you are happy with the message you are going to send, click the 'Next' button to go on to filter your audience.

You can filter by list, gender, timezone and locale.

Once you have filtered your audience you can go on and click the 'Next' button.  

Before you send your message you will get a chance to review your message as seen in the picture below:

You'll be able to review before you send your campaign.

If you are happy with your message, just click the "Confirm & send" button and you are good to go!

This is how your audience will see your broadcast:

After reading this guide you should have a solid grasp of what  Messenger marketing and how you can utilise it with Upcado.

Now sky's the limit!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me:

Patrekur M
Co-founder at Upcado